Help Us To Help the Environment

There are lots of ways in which you can help us to be a greener festival:

Recycle your brochure
Our brochure is printed on 100% recycled paper and all brochures left at the end of the Festival are recycled. Once you have finished with your copy, please pass it to a friend or return it to the brochure racks.

Refill your water bottle
We provide a public drinking-water tap in the Gardens so you can save money and the environment by refilling your water bottles. 

Use our composting and recycling facilities
Help us by using the appropriate wheelie bin – there are bins for food waste, paper, plastic, glass and cans around the site and our cafes and bars use compostable cups and packaging. Our staff are happy to help if you need assistance. 

Use our cloth book bags
Free from our bookshops with every purchase; offering an alternative to plastic carrier bags. 

See one of our events on the environment
Every year we invite experts on the environment to speak about and debate the issues; look out for these events in the August programme. You can find more information about events with an environmental focus below.