Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities


To find out more about our sponsorship opportunities please email Kat Shearer, our Corporate Development Manager, or give her a call on +44 (0)131 718 5650.

At the Edinburgh International Book Festival we offer bespoke sponsorship packages and have an array of unusual and creative ways in which you can activate your sponsorship.

Sponsorship opportunities include:

Author Event Sponsorship
Sponsor an author event and get exclusive access to Book Festival ‘hot tickets’ and branding. With VIP treatment from start to finish, you and your guests will want to come back year after year. Find out more about sponsoring an author event.

Venue sponsorship
Sponsor a venue, sponsor one of our many theatres, and you’ll have a wealth of branding opportunities ensuring a very strong presence in both our programme and in Charlotte Square Gardens.

Debate Sponsorship
Debates about the topics that matter in the world today, such as the future of the internet, democracy and the economy, are an increasingly prominent feature of the Book Festival programme. By sponsoring one of our debates you’ll be helping us to provide a platform for open, progressive discussion with some of the world’s leading thinkers.

Programme Strand Sponsorship
Why not sponsor three or more events in our programme? Each year we have many themes to pick from, such as This Woman Can, Politics for Change and Our Planet and Us. Or you may prefer to align your brand with one of our Guest Selector strands in which a prominent figure curates a part of our programme. In 2019 our Guest Selectors were DeRay Mackesson and Val McDermid.

Product Sponsorship
There are numerous sampling opportunities in our three cafes and bars in Charlotte Square Gardens where you’ll find an instantly receptive audience to promote your product and brand.

Find out more about author event sponsorship and read about the benefits that sponsoring the Book Festival can bring to your organisation.