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Stripped: Comics and Graphic Novels Laid Bare


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Stripped is a celebration of comics, graphic novels and the people who create them and it was a key part of the 2013 Book Festival.

Through forty amazing events the world’s leading writers and artists revealed fascinating insights into this inspiring and witty literary form and showed us how graphic novels and comics can bring explosive new ideas to reading and storytelling.  

From James Kakalios discussing the science behind superhero stories to legendary Scottish comics writer Grant Morrison telling tales from his extraordinary career the Stripped programme explored the rich heritage of comics alongside the contemporary renaissance of graphic novels, while the Stripped Mini Comic Fair showcased some of the best independent comics producers in Scotland.

Watch exclusive interviews and recordings of Stripped events 
If you didn’t get the chance to see these inspiring artists and writers at the Book Festival then visit our YouTube channel where you can watch recordings of selected events and see exclusive interviews with comics and graphic novels creators recorded at the Book Festival.

The dedicated Stripped blog offers a host of news, features and reviews.