Beloved: A Tribute to Toni Morrison

Sat 24 Aug 20:30 - 21:30

The New York Times Main Theatre

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Beloved: A Tribute to Toni Morrison

A true modern literary legend

“Narrative is radical, creating us at the very moment it is being created”. So said the irreplaceable Toni Morrison as she collected her Nobel Prize for literature – the first and only African American to do so. With her own radical narratives she created unforgettable experiences for legions of readers around the world, and she leaves us haunting, lyrical novels of immense, timeless power. Scots Makar Jackie Kay leads this special memorial event marking the life and work of a true modern literary legend, alongside writers Nafissa Thompson-Spires and Nesrine Malik, editor Margaret Busby, as well as publishers Clara Farmer and Lennie Goodings and musician Heir of the Cursed, each of whom have been moved, inspired and influenced by Morrison’s oeuvre in different ways. Join us in a warm, celebratory event paying tribute to Morrison with readings from her across her astonishing career, audio from her Book Festival appearance in 2004, music from Heir of the Cursed, and more.

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Part of our Telling Her Story series of events.