Masterclass: Writing in Scots

Sat 17 Aug 14:00 - 16:30

Kimpton Charlotte Square Hotel

£35.00, £30.00

Masterclass: Writing in Scots

Hone Your Creative Writing

There's more to Scots than ‘ ingan an aw’. Come for a relaxed and lively group exploration of the challenges and wonders of writing in Scots. Scots language exists in historical and modern forms as well as in different dialects; getting it right can be the key to achieving authentic narrative and character voices in creative works. Join playwright Martin Travers and Scots Scriever Dr Michael Dempster for an insight into how they work with Scots in their own writing and why they prefer it to working in standard English. Tea and coffee provided. Thare mair tae Scots ‘an ' ingan an aw'. A lowse an birkie group explore o the blecks an wunners o scrievin in Scots. The Scots leid bides weel an strang in historic an modren forms as weel’s in diffrin byleids fae aw the airts. Gettin it richt cin haud the key tae makkin suithfu narrative an chairacter vyces in creative warks. Jyne playwricht Martin Travers an Scots Scriever Dr Michael Dempster for a skeely deek at hou they wirk wi Scots in their ain scrievin an hou whiles they raither hit ower wirkin wi staunnart English.