Nicola Morgan with Holly Bourne: Start Listening to Yourself

Age 12+

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Nicola Morgan with Holly Bourne: Start Listening to Yourself

This audio-only event is a great way to hear from award-winning author and wellbeing expert Nicola Morgan as she shares some of her insights into a key element of looking after your mental health and general wellbeing: building resilience, with bestselling author Holly Bourne. Based on her latest book, Be Resilient: How to Build a Strong Teenage Mind for Tough Times, Morgan pulls out some of the strongest tips from the book to guide you towards making simple positive changes in this important area of life. Easy to listen to whether you are on the move or staying in bed, you can pause and come back to learn more at any point. So, plug in, press play and start learning about how you can better support yourself by making simple changes, based on concrete scientific evidence. 

This is a pre-recorded audio-only event.

Categories: Health/Wellbeing, Science/Medicine, Young Adults

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