Outriders: The Reunion

Sun 13 Aug 8:45pm - 10:15pm

Studio Theatre

£12.00, £10.00

Outriders: The Reunion

Chronicles of the New World

From the Arctic Circle to Buenos Aires, our Outriders accumulated an incredible 67,500 miles on planes, trains and automobiles interrogating the socio-political landscape of the Americas. Harry Giles and Katherena Vermette journeyed through Canada to Hudson Bay; Malachy Tallack and Jennifer Haigh drove from Fargo to New Orleans; Jenni Fagan and Bonnie Jo Campbell travelled from the Rust Belt to Silicon Valley; Ximena Escalante joined playwright Stef Smith to cross Mexico; Kevin MacNeil and Mariana Enriquez explored Buenos Aires before voyaging to Cordoba in search of a UFO. At this special reunion, we present all 10 Outriders as they describe their intrepid expeditions.

Part of our Outriders series of events.