Making Climate Change Personal

Making Climate Change Personal

In her pivotal 2019 Book Festival event, former Irish president and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson roused the audience with a defiant call to action on Climate Change: ‘First of all, make Climate Change personal in your life… the second step is get angry and get active…and the third step – and believe it or not I think this is the most important – we have to imagine this world that we want to hurry towards’.

Inspired by her powerful words, we’ve invited authors, activists, environmentalists and naturalists that have done exactly those things – whether talking directly about Climate Change; examining the beauty of our natural world; or meditating on the landscapes and environments we inhabit – they have all made it personal.

Tales of Two Planets: Making Climate Change Personal

Thursday 20 August 14:30 - 15:30

The world is on notice. For so long we have been warned - and in turn, told our politicians - that we are running out of time. In January 2020, Booker Prize-winning writer Richard Flanagan said that Australia was ‘committing climate suicide’ as...

Why Plastic isn’t Fantastic: Dapo Adeola & Nathan Bryon

Age 5+

Saturday 22 August 10:00 - 10:40

When Rocket goes on holiday to visit her grandparents, she is shocked by the pollution that's spoiling their island home and putting local sea life at risk. CLEAN UP! is the sequel to LOOK UP!, Sainsbury’s Children’s Book Award and Foyles Book of...
‘When we read and write, when we love our fellow creatures, when we walk on the beach, when we just listen and notice, we are not little cogs in the machine, but part of the remedy.’ These luminous words by Kathleen Jamie form part of the...
When H is for Hawk won the 2014 Samuel Johnson Prize and became an international bestseller, nobody was more surprised than author Helen Macdonald. Before submitting the manuscript to a publisher, she says, ‘I was so scared. I thought, this is the...

Should Capitalism Survive Climate Change?

Saturday 29 August 17:30 - 18:30

As COVID-19 has spread, the varying responses from the world’s governments has demonstrated catastrophic disparity and underpreparedness. In the push for growth and the prioritisation of short-term economic gain, the most vulnerable communities have...