Babble On - Spoken Word

Babble On - Spoken Word
Babble On returns with performances from some of the best poets and spoken word artists from across the world. Produced in partnership with Luke Wright and Becky Fincham, this year’s theme is ‘Leaving the Garret’ and includes Roger McGough, Hollie McNish, Harry Baker and Iona Lee. Plus we’ve got the first ever Scottish gig for the godfathers of hip-hop, The Last Poets. We celebrate poetry’s galvanising force, through poetry collectives, as a tool for social change, and poetry that inserts itself into the fabric of modern life. Not all poets wander lonely as clouds.

The Language of Revolution

Mayakovsky in the Spotlight

Tuesday 22 August 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Unashamedly passionate, rigorously political and highly experimental, Vladimir Mayakovsky was the most significant poet of the Russian revolution. In this event, an exploration of his explosive work by Mayakovsky scholar Dr Rosy Carrick is followed by...