Telling New Stories

Telling New Stories

How do we live with technology without being dominated by it? How do we cherish democracy but avoid the tyranny of the majority? And how do we reap the benefits of globalisation without losing our identities? We need new stories to guide us through the complex maze of modernity. This strand brings together a dazzling array of world-leading thinkers to help find them.

We have collaborated with a range of partners: with The Policy Institute at King’s College London to interrogate notions of trust, democracy, mental health and Brexit; with the Disasters Emergency Committee to look at international aid, climate crisis and humanitarianism; and with author and social activist Hilary Cottam, to interrogate the so-called ‘5th industrial revolution’ with radical re-imaginings of our economic, social and cultural futures. Finally, in an exciting new partnership with The New York Times, we examine some modern-day challenges: the environment, gender, human rights and the role of China.


Radical Practice: The Fifth Social Revolution

New Models for Change

Sunday 25 August 19:30 - 20:45

There has been a pattern of industrial revolutions leading to seismic social change. Last century saw an oil-based revolution bring us state welfare systems, which transformed lives but now face new challenges. Today, radical practitioners from Scotland...

Eleanor Gordon-Smith & Nesrine Malik

Changing our minds

Monday 26 August 11:00 - 12:00

As the centre ground erodes and culture wars rage, two intersectional books challenge beliefs and topple foundational myths. In Stop Being Reasonable, rising star reporter Eleanor Gordon-Smith speaks to people who have profoundly changed their opinions....

India After the Elections

A Year of Controversy

Monday 26 August 14:15 - 15:15

In 2018, elections across Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka produced surprising results. Populism is on the rise in India too, as voters reject traditional parties as corrupt. In light of recent general election results and the inheritance of Modi’s...

Radical Imaginations: Stories of the Revolution

New Stories for Change

Monday 26 August 19:30 - 20:45

A technology revolution is fast transforming our work, society, homes and bodies. Today, international writers join social activist and author of Radical Help, Hilary Cottam, to look at the power of storytelling and fiction in stirring revolution....