Most pages within the Book Festival website comply with the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Priority 1 and 2 Guidelines and some to Priority 3.

The 'Buy Tickets' links will open a new browser window to access our online booking system.

Use of text

Navigation, page titles and subtitles, links and other elements have all been created using accessible html text.

Text Size

To allow full user control over how text appears on screen, this site has been created using relative text sizes.


No information is conveyed through colour alone. Links are identified with an underline throughout the main page content. The main menu items are not underlined and are dark grey in colour and whilst colour is used to help identify which section of the site the user is in, the menus are structurally created to work with screenreaders.

Alt text 

All content images include descriptive ALT text attributes (a tag that provides alternative text for the visually impaired).