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There are events for just about every age and interest at the Book Festival, bringing readers and writers together for inspiration, entertainment and discussion. Around 1000 authors appear in over 800 events, including novelists, poets, scientists, sportsmen, illustrators, comics creators, historians, musicians, biographers, Nobel and Booker prize-winners and many more besides.

Jeremy Paxman

Questions, Questions, Questions

Tuesday 22 August 8:15pm - 9:15pm

Who hasn’t Jeremy Paxman interviewed? Not Margaret Thatcher, apparently, but nearly everybody else worth interviewing has at some stage sat in front of BBC Newsnight's Great Interrogator in his 25 years at the helm. We’re delighted to have him here...

David Baillie & Rob Davis

Comic Capers of a Deadly Kind

Tuesday 22 August 8:15pm - 9:15pm

A must for fans of dark graphic novel fantasies. David Baillie has set his Red Thorn series in a modern-day Glasgow which is fuelled by Scottish mythology and characters who make some bad decisions. Rob Davis follows up award-winning The Motherless Oven...

Julie Buntin & Sally Rooney

Mean Girls

Tuesday 22 August 8:30pm - 9:30pm

When do mean girls start being mean? Two sharply intelligent young novelists give us some clues. In Sally Rooney's Conversations with Friends, Frances works by day and does spoken word with her bestie, Bobbi, by night. When Frances is led astray her...

Heinz Helle & Louise Welsh

Post-Apocalyptic Visions

Tuesday 22 August 8:45pm - 9:45pm

Isolated individuals trying to survive are at the core of these two authors' new books. Glasgow’s Louise Welsh concludes her Plague Times trilogy with No Dominion as the new community on the Orkney Islands fights fear, anger and suspicion in order to...


Meet The Last Poets

Tuesday 22 August 9:00pm - 11:00pm

Formed in the crucible of 1960s black rights activism, with the Black Panthers at the peak of their powers and an irresistible mood of revolutionary hope in the air, The Last Poets have come to be known as ‘the godfathers of hip-hop’, such has been...