Alexia Casale

Alexia Casale

British-American writer Alexia Casale’s debut is a dark modern fairytale that examines the boundaries between fantasy and reality.

Before publishing The Bone Dragon, Alexia studied at Cambridge University, worked on a Tony Award-winning show on Broadway in New York, was a box office manager for a music festival and an executive editor for a human rights journal. Her novel tells the story of fourteen year old Evie, a recovering victim of abuse haunted by the trauma of her childhood. Awaking from an operation on her damaged ribcage, Evie is presented with a piece of her bone by the surgeon which she carves into the shape of a dragon. The dragon comes to life for Evie, acting as her confidant and offering encouragement on how best to exact revenge on her abusers.

Alexia’s debut ebbs and flows with beautifully written hypnotic prose, exploring the darkest corners of the human mind. Written for young adult readers, The Bone Dragon will also appeal to adults.