Andrea Bennett

Andrea Bennett

Andrea Bennett's debut novel is a story of a three legged dog and some spirited septuagenarians.

Andrea Bennett lived and worked in Russia for a good part of the ‘Yeltsin years’, providing inspiration for the setting of her debut novel Galina Petrovna’s Three-Legged Dog Story.

The novel isn’t really the story of Galina Petrova, but of Boroda, her three legged dog.  When Boroda is captured by Mitya The Exterminator, some very spirited septuagenarians must overcome innumerable obstacles to save their beloved mutt in a land where bureaucracy reigns. This is an extremely clever, powerful work of fiction which wraps the uncomfortable and unspoken truths of Russia’s recent history in a warm, comic layer.

Andrea and her novel were discovered by Borough Press through their inaugural Open Submission competition. Over 300 budding authors entered but the publishers said that Bennet’s novel stood out ‘like a three legged dog’.