Anjali Joseph

Anjali Joseph

Born in Bombay in 1978, Anjali Joseph moved with her family to England in 1985. Since reading English at Trinity College, Cambridge, she has taught at the Sorbonne; written for the Times of India in Bombay; and been a Commissioning Editor for ELLE India. In 2008 she graduated with a Masters in Creative Writing from the UEA.

Saraswati Park, described by Joseph herself as ‘a Bombay novel of misplaced dreams, recovered love, and quiet moments of beauty amid a vibrant city’, traces the melancholy family life of a husband and wife grown distant and their sexually uncertain nephew. Amit Chaudhuri notes that Bombay has seldom been written about ‘with such acuity, delicacy, and intelligence, illuminated at different times of day by flashes of reflected light… [Saraswati Park is] admirable in its masterful ease, moving in its constant surrender to compassion and wonder’. The work has also been awarded the prestigious Desmond Elliot Prize: an award for outstanding, vivid and confidently written debut fiction.

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