Clemens J Setz

Clemens J Setz

Clemens is an award-winning Austrian author who also happens to be a magician, a musician, and a mathematician.

Indigo, his first novel to be published in English, is set in Austria in 2007 in the midst of a sinister epidemic. Children are the carriers Indigo Syndrome, a condition that causes those who come into contact with them to experience severe headaches, nausea, and vomiting.

Infected children are sent to an institute in the far North of the country to prevent the spread of the disease to the wider population. Clemens Setz, a teacher at the institute, becomes suspicious when he witnesses children being taken away in strange masks and failing to return. When he tries to find out what is going on he swiftly loses his job, however, he remains determined to find out truth about where the Indigo children are going.

Part detective-story, part post-modern puzzle, Indigo is a gripping read from a talented author who has already established a cult following in Europe.