Danny Wallace

Danny Wallace

Well where do we start? From reviewing videogames for Sega Power, judging Edinburgh’s Perrier Comedy Awards and producing programmes for the BBC to starting his own cult (sworn to commit random acts of kindness), writing the book behind the Jim Carrey film Yes Man, DJing for BBC 6Music and writing a column for ShortList… oh! and not forgetting having a character made for him in Assassin’s Creed II. Danny Wallace is a man with his fingers in some pretty delicious pies.

Now one of Britain’s most talented comedy writers has written his first book of fiction, synopsising he says, ‘it’s a story about a boy, and it’s a story about a girl. It’s sort of a lighthearted tale of stalking…’. Charlotte Street follows the trials and tribulations of Jason Priestly (not, Wallace is quick to add, of Beverly Hills, 90210 fame): when he finds himself holding the disposable camera of a woman he had fleetingly helped, he is left with a choice - develop the film and increase his chances of seeing her again, or discard it, and remain an all-round less creepy guy. Of course the film is developed. But what it reveals is not what Priestly expected…

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