David Sanger

David Sanger

A mysterious stranger enters a secretive small town in David Sanger's character-driven debut.

David Sanger was born in Maidstone and began his career in literature working for Faber & Faber and Scholastic Children's Books. He studied acting at LAMDA before reading English at King's College London and has written for Sofilm Magazine. He has lived in Berlin and London, and is currently based in Kent.

All Their Minds in Tandem is Sanger’s debut novel, set in West Virginia in October 1879. A mysterious figure by the name of 'The Maker' has entered the small community of New Georgetown, and almost immediately upon doing so, started entering the minds of the townsfolk. Townsfolk who are as curious as The Maker himself. Like Dr Umbründ, the pint-sized physician with a prodigious capacity for sin; like the three sisters in the house on the hill; like the tavern's semi-mythical siren, 'The Bird', who plays spellbinding music from behind a black velvet curtain, and whom no patron has ever laid eyes on. As we enter these characters' lives, and lightly tread our way through their brains, their bedrooms, their backstories and beyond, we will see what it is they all hope for and hide – and learn just why The Maker has chosen to meet them.

Sanger’s debut is a character-driven, carefully woven novel for fans of stories about secretive small towns and has been described as ‘Twin Peaks in the 1800s’.