Karl Geary

Karl Geary

An intimate coming of age story of love, hope and the need for belonging.

Karl Geary was born in Dublin, but moved to New York when he was only 16 years old. He has worked as a script writer, an actor and a director before writing his debut novel Montpelier Parade. He now resides in Glasgow with his wife and daughter.

Montpelier Parade follows the brief love affair between Sonny, a teenager from a working-class family, and Vera, a rich 30 year old woman. Sonny is instantly entranced by the mature, English Vera, who he met while working with his dad in her garden. Yearning to escape their lonely lives, they engage in an intoxicating relationship. For the first time, Sonny forgets his misery and falls in love. He desperately wants to get to know Vera, but what is it that she is not telling him?

Geary’s debut novel is a moving and beautifully written coming of age story narrated in the intimate second person voice. Geary simply clarifies it as ‘a story about two people who are utterly trapped who release each other’. A remarkably exquisite and cinematic debut novel.