Kerry Andrew

Kerry Andrew

A young woman comes face-to-face with the haunted wilderness of the Scottish Highlands.

Kerry Andrew is a London-based composer, performer, writer and educator. She has a PhD in Composition from the University of York and has won four British Composer Awards. As a composer, she specialises in experimental vocal and choral music, music-theatre and community music, as an author, her debut Swansong is an immersive and vividly atmospheric portrait of a volatile landscape.

Polly Vaughan is trying to escape the ravaging guilt of a disturbing incident in London by heading north to the Scottish Highlands. As soon as she arrives, she goes looking for drink, drugs and sex and finds a fresh kind of fear, alone in this eerie, myth-drenched landscape. Increasingly prone to visions or visitations, she is terrified and fascinated by a man she comes across in the forest on her first evening, seemingly tearing apart a bird.

Kerry is a fresh new voice in British fiction; her powerful metaphoric language gives Swansong a charged, hallucinatory quality that is unique, uncanny and deeply disquieting.