Lauren Owen

Lauren Owen

Lauren Owen’s debut novel for younger readers, The Quick, has been described by Kate Atkinson as a 'suspenseful, gloriously atmospheric novel, and a feast of Gothic storytelling that is impossible to resist.' 

Set in Victorian England, The Quick tells the story of siblings James and Charlotte. When James disappears while staying with a mysterious new friend in London, Charlotte leaves the family home in Yorkshire and embarks on a quest to find her brother. On her journey she encounters a wonderfully creepy cast of characters that lead her to the exclusive and mysterious Aegolius Club. The patrons of the Aegolius are some of the richest, most successful men in England, they also happen to be vampires. Can Charlotte save her brother from the grasps of the sinister society he has unwittingly stumbled into?

Lauren has created a beguiling and fantastical world for her protagonists, full of suspense and danger. The Quick is a gripping novel for younger readers that will appeal to adults too.