Lorna Gibb

Lorna Gibb

An unusual, other-worldly love story from a highly acclaimed biographer.

Lorna Gibb was born in North Lanarkshire and is now living in London, working as a university lecturer. She has had a variety of jobs which have taken her all over the world, most of which have involved writing in one form or another. She has previously authored several historical biographies and has now turned her hand to fiction with A Ghost’s Story.

Lorna’s debut novel takes the form of a famous ghost’s autobiographical writings. Katie King was a celebrity spirit, who often made an appearance at 19th and 20th century séances. This is her personal story as she attempts to understand human faith, loss and passion. Central to the story is her relationship with real-life social reformer Robert Dale Owen whose belief in the spirit leads to him being put in an insane asylum.

A Ghost’s Story is a strange, clever but ultimately touching novel which demonstrates that love knows no bounds: temporal, spatial or spiritual.

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