Martin MacInnes

Martin MacInnes

A strange and terrifying debut from an emerging Scottish writer.

Martin MacInnes was born in Inverness. His thesis on Virginia Woolf was awarded the Edward and Thomas Lunt Prize. He is also the winner of a Scottish Book Trust New Writers Award and the 2014 Manchester Fiction Prize. He spent six weeks in residence as 'emerging Scottish writer’ at Cove Park in 2015. Infinite Ground is his debut novel.

During a family dinner at a restaurant, Carlos excuses himself from the table; the successful 29 year old is never seen again. A routine investigation turns into a succession of strange dead ends; his workplace seemed to serve no purpose, his colleagues’ talk is alarming and the forensic team has found traces of abnormal shifting microorganisms in his office. The trace leads a semi-retired investigator deep into the rainforest, where horror and wonder await him.

MacInnes’ style blurs the line between psychological thriller, surreal mystery and typical police story. He successfully toys with the idea that everything is both true and untrue at the same time, leaving the reader in a paranoid state throughout the novel. An evocative and compelling read.