Rupert Wallis

Rupert Wallis

Rupert found his way into writing through studying Theology at Cambridge University and completing an MFA in Screenwriting at the University of Southern California.

His debut for young adult readers, The Dark Inside, is a gloomy and bewitching tale of loss, hope and friendship that has drawn comparisons with Patrick Ness and David Almond. A lonely boy called James happens upon Webster, a homeless man living in an abandoned house. Webster suffers from a strange affliction that causes unexplainable wounds to appear on his body when the full moon is out. The unlikely pair become friends and set out on an incredible journey that will change the course of both their lives. As they try desperately to find a cure for Webster’s curse they are pursued by a gang of evil gypsies that want to capture the drifter, to make money from his misfortune.

Rupert creates a fantastically original world around his characters, combining the ugliest aspects of human society with elements of magic and fantasy.