Eimear McBride: Disgust

‘Women are really angry. I am… I do feel a really deep, burning sense of injustice at the way women are treated in our world and I want to write about that.’ So said Eimear McBride in a recent interview and she has seen through that impulse with a brilliant first work of non-fiction. Over recent years Profile Books has teamed up with the Wellcome Collection to publish a series of astute books that explore health and human experience. The latest of these comes from McBride with a no-holds-barred essay on the forces of disgust and objectification that control and shame women. From playground taunts of 'virgins are frigid', to ladette culture, and the arrival of 'ironic' porn, Something Out of Place charts the prejudicial messaging that has played out in the past and still surrounds us today. McBride has built a loyal audience for her inventive, multi award-winning novels including A Girl Is a Half-Formed Thing, and we were thrilled to welcome her back to the Book Festival in 2021.

This event was filmed live at the 2021 Edinburgh International Book Festival where the author took part remotely. Buy her book in our online Festival Bookshop.

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