Flash Forward with Femi Fadugba, Ben Oliver & Jonathan Stroud

Fictionalising the future can be a brilliant way to help us reflect on and process uncomfortable issues in the present day, and in this event you get to meet three authors who help you to do just that. From a world where climate disaster has transformed London into a lagoon; to a prison ruled by all-powerful AI; to Peckham, where two teenagers transcend time and worlds to undo violence in this one. Discover what shaped these futuristic stories, and the authors’ own journeys to becoming writers. In this event, Femi, Ben and Jonathan are in conversation with Ann Landmann, Director of Cymera, Scotland's Festival for Science-Fiction, Fantasy and Horror writing.

This event was filmed live at the 2021 Edinburgh International Book Festival. Some of the authors and participants took part remotely and some were on stage, in the venue.

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