Get Adventurous with Lily Dyu & Helen Skelton

Would you like to race across mountains, fly into space or journey to Antarctica? Well, why don’t you? In this live event you’ll be inspired to get active and get adventurous after hearing the stories of some amazing real-life superheroes.

Helen Skelton is an adventurer, world-record breaker and presenter on the BBC's long-running series Countryfile – her book Wild Girls gives a first-hand insight into her unbelievable escapades, from kayaking the Amazon to cycling around the South Pole.

In Lily Dyu’s Fantastic Female Adventurers you’ll likewise discover the stories of amazing women who have raced over the Himalayas, flown into space and sailed around the world. Chairing this event is poet and fellow-adventurer Nadine Aisha Jassat.

This is a live event: come prepared with your questions for the Q&A!

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