Grace Blakeley & Ian Goldin: Creating Global Change from Crisis

The pandemic has demolished global norms more emphatically than anything we have seen since the Second World War. But rather than simply hoping the world can bounce back, is there a chance for a more fundamental rethink? In The Corona Crash, economics commentator Grace Blakeley argues that Covid-19 will bring about epoch-defining changes to capitalism, as the pandemic has widened the chasm of economic equality, and many countries find themselves on the brink of sovereign debt default. The answer, she argues, lies in the principles of the Green New Deal. Meanwhile in Rescue: From Global Crisis to a Better World, Oxford University Professor of Globalisation and Development Ian Goldin looks back to the 1942 Beveridge Report, which led to the creation of the NHS, and argues that the current crisis provides an opportunity for game-changing initiatives. What are the mechanisms that could bring about radical change, and how can we encourage the strong international cooperation that will be vital to success? Blakeley and Goldin join Scottish journalist Ruth Wishart for a lively discussion in an event filmed live at the 2021 Edinburgh International Book Festival.

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