Joan Bakewell with Richard Holloway: Moving On

Situated in a leafy square in North London, Joan Bakewell’s generous townhouse was a regular meeting place for the extended family she adores, a happy by-product of a stellar career. Her recent decision to downsize was not just a pragmatic thing: it brought about a need to confront the emotional realities of her stage in life. A decade ago, at the age of 78, she was awarded a life peerage for her work as a broadcaster and author. Now, Bakewell’s advocacy for everyone’s right to a fulfilling old age has resulted in a fascinating new book, The Tick of Two Clocks. It charts Bakewell’s decision to leave her home of more than fifty years and to take on a more manageable flat, ‘where I will be until the end’. More than just a farewell, it brought about a realisation that this change would enable her to embrace new things. In an event which promises to be full of honesty and grace, Bakewell talks to Scottish writer and broadcaster Richard Holloway, who is also fascinated by the joys and challenges of ageing, live on stage at the 2021 Edinburgh International Book Festival.

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