Matt Haig: The Library of Second Chances

Matt Haig was already a beloved author for his trademark disconnected outsiders — from vampires to aliens — trying to get to the bottom of what it is to be human. But the 2015 publication of his memoir Reasons to Stay Alive, a powerful account of his experiences of living with severe depression and panic disorders, earned him a whole new legion of followers.

Now, the arrival of a new Matt Haig book is an event, and his latest novel The Midnight Library is a perfect synthesis of his imaginative flair and deep compassion. The titular library, an infinite space existing between life and death, is one that offers second chances, and his protagonist Nora Seed has some choices to make.

Matt Haig talks to Peggy Hughes, Programme Director for Writers’ Centre Norwich, for what promises to be an intimate and joyous conversation about regret and hope, forgiveness and honesty, cosmic libraries and the temptation of do-overs.

This is a pre-recorded event.

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