Michael Pedersen presents Good Grief!

Come bask in the company of your favourite ghosts at the Good Grief! Salon – where the grief comes glittered, gritty and gutsy. We have all lost something over ‘The Big Still’, this last weird epoch of living, be it: time, trips, tips, friends, cash, kudos, lovers, or freaky opportunities we’re not yet ready to utter. What better reason to get together than to celebrate the love in the things we’re missing? Let’s light a fuse for the jive of healing, let words be our beacons, beamed into the night. For one night only, prize-winning Edinburgh writer and Neu! Reekie! co-founder, Michael Pedersen presents some of his favourite voices from across literature and the arts. Celebrating with him is an all-star cast of writers and musicians: E A Hanks, Gemma Cairney, Rachel Sermanni, Hollie McNish, and Michael Mullen, who delivers a lustre-loaded salon-style waltz of poetry, prose and music, lighting a spark to make our way through the dark.

This event was filmed live at the 2021 Edinburgh International Book Festival and all the authors and participants appeared on stage, in the venue.

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