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Nile Rodgers (2012)

He may be best known for the disco hit Le Freak but Nile Rodgers’ influence on pop music has been so very much greater than that. Rodgers wrote and produced classics such as Like a Virgin for Madonna, We Are Family for Sister Sledge and David Bowie’s bestselling album Let’s Dance. He’s worked with Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, Prince and Debbie Harry; he’s jammed with Jimi and dined out with Diana. Rodgers, who is a brilliant storyteller, talks to Irvine Welsh, recounting the joy and pain of a life at the heart of the pop industry. This is an excerpt of the event, which was filmed live at the Book Festival in August 2012. If you want to hear the full hour-long event you can listen to an audio recording on our website.

NB. Contains strong Language

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