Representation Matters with Hannah Lee & Jessica Love

Join acclaimed authors Jessica Love and Hannah Lee for readings and live discussion on the importance of children seeing themselves represented in the picture books they read.

Jessica Love is the 2019 Stonewall Book award-winning author and illustrator of Julian is a Mermaid, in which one boy, noticing three women dressed as mermaids is filled with wonder, ready to dazzle the world. It's a joyous embrace of individuality, loving yourself and being loved for who you are.

Hannah Lee’s My Hair is a fun and tender story about a young girl trying to decide how to style her hair for a party. The pages are filled with an array of options, beautifully illustrated by Allen Fatimaharan, but eventually she settles on her natural Afro hair for the birthday bash.

This event is live and includes a Q&A, chaired by Beth Goodyear.

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