Richard Holloway: The Human Need for Stories

As one of the most beloved public thinkers of our times, Richard Holloway has often given voice to the deep feelings and concerns that so many of us struggle to articulate clearly.

In his new book, Stories We Tell Ourselves, the former Bishop of Edinburgh embarks on a personal, philosophical, spiritual and scientific journey in search of answers to some of the biggest human questions of all.

How do we get through the muddling, messy experience of life? How do we make meaning in an apparently meaningless universe when we are one tiny speck in an infinity of galaxies, a flickering moment of life in a billion years of the space-time continuum? Full of his trademark compassion and eloquence, Holloway’s new book shows how the stories we tell ourselves are the fundamental building block in our construction of meaning. He joins us to talk with Scottish journalist Ruth Wishart about his personal reckoning with the mysteries of life.

This is a live event, with an author Q&A.

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