Should Capitalism Survive Climate Change?

As COVID-19 has spread, the varying responses from the world’s governments has demonstrated catastrophic disparity and underpreparedness. In the push for growth and the prioritisation of short-term economic gain, the most vulnerable communities have been left behind in policy and in practice.

We live in a world where climate disasters will increasingly coincide with human-made disasters. What hope is there for broader changes to help us achieve environmental sustainability, social equality and health?

Business leaders have argued that it will be difficult to gain support for achieving zero emissions as early as 2030 because of the huge costs. But during a global pandemic, and with urgent calls for a radical reimagining of society, is this still the case? How can we prioritise tackling the climate crisis in dire economic times, and improve the lives of the most vulnerable?

Some of the world’s best thinkers and strategists on climate change, including Christiana Figueres, the former UN Secretary for Climate, international human rights lawyer Julian Aguon, and Ann Pettifor, political economist and author of  The Case for the Green New Deal, join New York Times international climate reporter Somini Sengupta for a lively discussion on shaping a sustainable future with social justice at its heart.

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