Who’s Afraid of the Working Class?

In 2018, The Panic! Arts report found that working-class people are dramatically under-represented in the arts, and it is – as many have long-known – a culture dominated by the white middle class.

So how do you make your own way, and bring people along with you? Through performance, reading and discussion, filmmaker Paul Sng, actor Valerie Edmond, writer Ian Rankin, performer Travis Alabanza and writer Kit de Waal break through the stereotypes about the place of working-class artists.

In the mighty words of Travis Alabanza: ‘So often these posh walls have stolen working-class culture, aesthetic and music to make themselves more relevant. Hunny, you are the relevance! You are the thing! You are the culture! No time for shame – just to clarify – you are the shit! They may have gone to art school but that cannot teach them how to be interesting.’

This is a pre-recorded event.

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