Liz Hyder: In the Jaws of Bearmouth

Sat 22 Aug 11:30 - 12:25

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Captioned Event Liz Hyder: In the Jaws of Bearmouth

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Age 12+

Liz Hyder’s multi award-winning debut Bearmouth is a novel so utterly original it swallows you up entirely and spits you out feeling bereft.

From the first page you are transported underground, down into the world of a functioning mine and the mind of one of its youngest workers. Newt’s life is one of hard labour and injustices but our hero is fortunate to have a tight-knit group of friends, including Thomas, who teaches Newt how to read and write between gruelling shifts. Everything changes when a new miner joins them, bringing talk of revolution and unrest along with him.

Dark and distinctive, Bearmouth explores ideas around oppression, autonomy, gender and religion while Newt’s voice is so powerful it will echo in the chambers of your mind long after you finish reading. Hear more about this dazzling book as Liz is interviewed by acclaimed author and screenwriter Catherine Johnson.

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