Wayétu Moore: Setting Liberia’s History Free

Wed 26 Aug 16:00 - 17:00

The New York Times Main Theatre Online

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Wayétu Moore: Setting Liberia’s History Free

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In 19th century Liberia, extreme powerlessness meets extraordinary powers in Wayétu Moore’s magical and magisterial debut She Would Be King. Melding historical record with magic realism and fantastical elements, Moore weaves an extraordinary retelling of the formation and early years of Liberia.

This is exhilarating storytelling: the horrors of slavery met by a trio of prototypical superheroes; Gbessa the immortal, Norman the invisible, and June Dey the invincible. Part alternative history, part genre-transcending epic, it’s hard to believe this accomplished rally for justice is a first book.

As well as being an adept writer, Wayétu Moore is the founder of a publishing non-profit dedicated to providing culturally relevant books to children who are underrepresented in literature. Moore is joined in conversation with the founder of Fringe of Colour, Jess Brough.

This is a live event, with an author Q&A.

Part of our Africa: A Balance of Stories series of events.

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