Dave Cousins

Dave Cousins

Dave Cousins is a member of the Edge, a group of UK authors who specialise in writing gripping and hard-hitting fiction for young adults. The books cover subjects from alcoholism and drug abuse to knife crime, child abduction, asylum seekers and gang life, all with teenagers at their heart. Cousins’ contribution, 15 Days Without a Head, is narrated by 15 year old Laurence Roach, a boy who has had to grow up the hard way. With a kitchen full of cockroaches, an alcoholic mum and a six year old brother who thinks he’s a dog, life is tough, but when his mum disappears altogether things begin to get desperate. Keith Gray, author of The Ostrich Boys, dubbed it ‘an excellent debut. It's a tough and turbulent tale of growing up the hard way, but there's heart and soul on every page. I can't wait to see what Cousins does next.’

Before becoming an author, Brummie Cousins went to art school and played guitar in band. 15 Days Without a Head was written in their tour van (the band had been touring for more than a decade and ‘was nearly famous!’ insists the writer). Cousins now lives in Hertfordshire with his wife and family, and spends his days writing in the attic, with an anarchic ginger cat for company.

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