Board of Directors:

Allan Little (chair)
Yassmin Abdel-Magied
Francis Bickmore
Anna Frame
Tomas Gerrard
Irene Grant
Hannah Hyde
Jackie Kay
Alasdair Morton
Mary Robson
Claire Urquhart

Year round staff

Jenny Niven – Director
Neasa Ní Chéilleachair – Individual Giving Officer
Helen Chomczuk – Development Director
Noëlle Cobden – Communities Programme Director
Fiona Fergusson – Head of Operations & Finance
Rachel Fox – Children & Schools Programme Director
El Gray - Sponsorship and Partnership Officer
Alison Higgins - Interim Marketing Manager
Susanne Horsburgh – Individual Giving Manager
Lilidh Kendrick - Programme Manager
Rachael Laburn - Creative Learning Manager
Danielle McCann – Executive Assistant
Michael McDonald – Digital Marketing Manager
Sophie Moxon – Executive Director
David Mundy – IT & Systems Manager
Victoria Murray – Marketing and Communications Director
Zsuzsanna Parry – Programme Logistics Manager
Fiona Rae – Sponsorship and Partnerships Manager
Melissa Reid – Marketing Officer
Kate Seiler – External Affairs Manager
Cat Smith – Audience Services Manager
Sarah Stephenson – Finance Officer
Rhona Sword - Development Assistant
Tamara Zimet – Programme Director (Adults)