Elsewhere: Commissioned Writing

We commissioned fifty authors to write short stories or essays on the theme of ‘Elsewhere’. Leading writers for adults and children from across the world took part and their wonderfully engaging and varied writing is available for you to read and download here. Many of the authors have also recorded podcasts of their work which you can find in our audio gallery and on iTunes.

Supported through the Scottish Government’s Edinburgh Festivals Expo Fund.

Of all the Faces in the World, Your Face
Of all the Faces in the World, Your Face by James Hopkin

Speak to me. Ok, if you can’t speak, then sing, whisper, moan or sigh! I know you can do it! You have been keeping me up at night with your curses and imprecations…

Shenandoah by Frank Cottrell Boyce

Life gets interesting when a mysterious group of exchange students unexpectedly arrive at school…

Elsewhere is Aways Waiting
Elsewhere is Aways Waiting by William McIlvanney

A woman is ripped from her life of domestic banality by an unexpected knock on her front door…

Flotsam & Jetsam
Flotsam & Jetsam by Alan Bissett

With the cool surf nosing at her feet and the sky yawning blue, she felt dreamy and liquid, her imagination uncurling from the trap Glasgow had made for it…

Seven Questions about the Journey
Seven Questions about the Journey by Don Paterson

Why are we leaving in such unreadiness?... A new poem by Don Paterson is cause for celebration, and this one has been commissioned specially as part of our Elsewhere project of new writing…

Welcome to Flaxland
Welcome to Flaxland by Andy Stanton

Flaxland! The very name conjures up images of romantic midnight trysts, tiny state-subsidised oranges, and somebody saying ‘Flaxland’…

The Elsewhere Genie
The Elsewhere Genie by John Fardell

There was once an island which had only two inhabitants: an ogre, and his slave…

After Drink You Can Turn Earth Up Side Down
After Drink You Can Turn Earth Up Side Down by Rodge Glass

In this club in downtown Hong Kong the waitresses never let your glass get below midway before offering you another drink. They all look eighteen or nineteen. They all look good…

The art of elsewhere
The art of elsewhere by Ali Smith

I’ve been trying to go elsewhere all my life. Last year, I went all over the place.  I went to Greece, I went to France, I went to Holland, I went to Morocco, I went to…

The Future According to Luke
The Future According to Luke by James Robertson

Luke Stands Alone was the worst prophet in the history of the Lakota people. He went into trances and when he came out of them he would say…