Anders Frang & Jonathan Meres: The Little Bat Who Was Afraid of the Light

It is morning and Little Bat, Big Bat and Middle Bat are getting ready to go to bed, but Little Bat is feeling nervous. What is that mysterious, dark, bat-like shape which keeps following him around? Could it be... the Bogey Bat?! The World of Norm author Jonathan Meres invites you to conquer your fears and fly into his batty new picture book, Scaredy Bat. Appearing live from our studio in Edinburgh, with illustrator Anders Frang joining the fun virtually to show how he creates his quirky animal illustrations, in this interactive event with stories, drawing and maybe even singing!

This event was filmed live at the 2021 Edinburgh International Book Festival. The illustrator took part in the event remotely and the author was on stage, in the venue.

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