Dean Atta & George Lester: Shine On

You will be hard-pushed to find two novels as gloriously unique, full of heart, and downright fabulous as Dean Atta’s The Black Flamingo and George Lester’s Boy Queen.

Atta’s novel in verse follows Michael, a Black teen beginning to unfurl his identity and sexuality, eventually discovering his true self as a drag artist. Sassy and spectacular, Lester’s stunning debut is a glitter-infused coming-of-age story that celebrates self-empowerment and the vibrant world of drag.

Through the pages of their books you will be taken on journeys that are both lavish and moving, flamboyant and sensitive, feather-filled and triumphant – and in this unmissable event the pair discuss the soaring highs and profound lows of growing up and getting to know ourselves with Erica Gillingham, writer and bookseller at Gay's The Word Bookshop in London. Post your questions to the authors in the Questions box on the videoplayer page for the Q&A.

This is a live event, with an author Q&A.

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