Steve Antony, Maureen Phillip & Alexandra Strick: Just Be Yourself

‘You can... be brave, be beautiful, be clever, be strong...’ Follow the story of an independent and inspirational group of children as they grow up and discover what they want to be in You Can!, the wonderful new picture book from author Alexandra Strick and Steve Antony, illustrator of Please Mr Panda and Amazing. In this interactive event you’ll find out about the real-life children who inspired Alexandra and Steve to create their wonderfully diverse group of characters, then join in as sensory storyteller Maureen brings Alexandra’s words to life and Steve shows you how he created his amazing characters. A powerful and uplifting event suitable for everyone including those with disabilities. Many thanks to PAMIS for their help and support in creating this event.

This event was filmed live at the 2021 Edinburgh International Book Festival. Some of the participants of this event took part remotely and some were on stage, in the venue.

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