Book Festival author predicts further riots

Book Festival author predicts further riots

“The recent riots in England are a very dark foreshadow of what is to come”, according to author Owen Jones speaking at the Edinburgh International Book Festival yesterday.

During a sold out event Jones, who wrote Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class, discussed a range of topics including the growth in youth unemployment in the UK, the radicalisation of young people and their lack of hope. He described this as a ‘lethal combination’ for the future generation of Britain’s youth.

Jones proposed that many young people do not have a future to risk, stating that this was a key factor in last week’s disturbances in London, Manchester and Birmingham. He also argued that an increasingly consumerist society was producing anger and resentment amongst many people ‘who are taunted by the display of wealth’ in urban areas.

However, Jones did not agree that a loss of morals in society was to blame for the recent disturbances.

Jones’ event was the first of several Book Festival discussions to touch on the subject of the recent unrest in the UK.

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