City of Literature's Carry a Poem

City of Literature's Carry a Poem

 Rory Bremner carries his in his head. Lorraine Kelly pins hers to her jacket. How do you carry yours? In your wallet? In your pocket? On your iPod? On Monday 1 February, Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature launched their fourth citywide reading campaign: Carry a Poem

Edinburgh's residents have been challenged to carry a poem as thousands of free Carry a Poem books and pocket poetry cards are handed out across the city. The book shows how Scots from all walks of life carry poems with them, and reveals the stories behind their poetry choices. The book will be distributed all across the city, through arts and leisure centres, libraries, cafes, and primary and secondary schools, with residents being called on to catch poetry fever this February.

 You can check out the brilliant Carry a Poem website now where you'll find information on a huge range of public, schools and community events related to the campaign, the 'hunt the poem' game, the 'how do you carry yours' blog and behind the scenes photos of the campaign. It's great fun! 

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