Results of our online poll thus far

Results of our online poll thus far

We started a weekly online poll back at the end of February to find out a bit about what you, our web visitors, think about literary issues. And here are the results so far.

26 Feb

  • Anna Ford or Martin Amis?
  • Anna Ford (71%)
  • Martin Amis (29%)

Anna Ford took most of your sympathies after the two public figures argued about personal matters via open letters in the Guardian this February. You can read their full correspondence here.

5 March

E-books or paper books?

  • E-books (7%)
  • Paper books (93%)

It seems the end of the paper book is nowhere in sight!

12 March

Favourite contemporary Scottish crime writer?

  • Val McDermid (17%)
  • Denise Mina (9%)
  • Ian Rankin (54%)
  • Christopher Brookmyre (20%)

Judging by worldwide book sales alone, perhaps this was a foregone conclusion.

19 March

Is it ever right to publish an author's work posthumously if they've expressly forbidden it?

  • Yes (64%)
  • No (36%)

A contentious issue indeed. 64% of you acknowledged there are occasions when a piece of literary work is thought to be of such importance that an author’s wishes must be overlooked. After all, there would be no Virgil’s Aeneid or Kafka’s The Trail or The Castle if the authors had gotten their way.

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