The mystery paper sculptor strikes again

The mystery paper sculptor strikes again

Twelve months to the day since a lovely mysterious paper sculpture was anonymously left at the Edinburgh International Book Festival more sculptures have been found in Charlotte Square Gardens.

Bookshop staff have reported finding a number of delicate and beautiful paper flowers dropped around the site.

The flowers, each one slightly different, come with a note bearing a quote from Oscar Wilde:  ‘….. freedom, books, flowers and the moon‘ and on the reverse ‘A Gift For You’ and a limited edition number of /50.

The complete set of fifty flowers has yet to be found, so there are plenty of opportunities for lucky Book Festival visitors to chance upon one of these paper marvels during their visit to Charlotte Square Gardens.

The original paper sculpture left at the Book Festival in 2011 is part of a larger set deposited in various literary-related locations across the city. The full collection will shortly embark on a nationwide tour.

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