Closing Night: A Case For Hope

Mon 31 Aug 20:30 - 21:30

The New York Times Main Theatre Online

Free, online

Closing Night: A Case For Hope

Hope — Rebecca Solnit memorably wrote — is an embrace of the unknown. While embraces might be a lost pleasure from a pre-COVID age, it’s clear we’re living in an age of plentiful unknowns. But amidst the uncertainty and fear, the grief and the loss, perhaps we have a unique opportunity to create a future that is more just, more equitable and more sustainable. If we take up this challenge to imagine how we can live differently, how might we begin? What do we have to be hopeful for?

In this special Edinburgh International Book Festival closing event, five special guests make the argument for how we can look forward, sharing their visions and their wildest prescriptions for a better future and offering a Case for Hope.

This is a live event.

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