Elsewhere: Commissioned Writing

We commissioned fifty authors to write short stories or essays on the theme of ‘Elsewhere’. Leading writers for adults and children from across the world took part and their wonderfully engaging and varied writing is available for you to read and download here. Many of the authors have also recorded podcasts of their work which you can find in our audio gallery and on iTunes.

Supported through the Scottish Government’s Edinburgh Festivals Expo Fund.

Another Not Scotland
Another Not Scotland by Alasdair Gray

Nobody is more like God than a baby. Babies live in eternity, a present tense without past, future and thought…

Brook Crooks
Brook Crooks by Keith Gray

They’d built this massive gate.  And the first thing I thought was, Who’d want to break into Brook High? …

Another Country
Another Country by Margo Lanagan

‘Can you take me to Anna’s tonight?’ He stands in the kitchen doorway. His look says, Not that I care or anything. That terrible hair all the boys have right now, it makes them look as if they’ve just come in from a howling windst…

Red Wolves in the Mist
Red Wolves in the Mist by Elizabeth Laird

The wolf came towards us out of the mist, trotting on stilted legs. He was lean but his black-tipped tail was bushy. Unlike his grey European cousins, he was rust-red, bright enough to stand out vividly against the chalky green vegetation…

Paper Boat Paper Bird
Paper Boat Paper Bird by David Almond

Kyoto. Ky-o-to! Kyo-to! She feels so weirdly at home. She is herself, Mina, but it’s like there’s another Mina waiting to be discovered or created here…

Sullivan's Ashes
Sullivan's Ashes by Alan Warner

Myself, Cousin John, Sullivan’s third wife Aileen and the sergeant all sat together in the police station at Tobermory. We read once more the photocopied clause in Sullivan’s will…

Be Here Now
Be Here Now by Miguel Syjuco

It’s exciting to get to know your new kitchen and its appliances. The white promise of the stove-top. A microwave with unblistered buttons and walls still spatterless…

Elsewhere, Far From Here
Elsewhere, Far From Here by Alberto Manguel

Ulysses turned his back on the harbour and followed a rough track leading through the woods and up to the hills towards the place where Athena had told him…

Los San Patricios
Los San Patricios by Roddy Doyle

The writer had a new book out and he was touring America, a city a day, a reading a night.  He’d fly to a different city and hear the same question…

Apparently by Karen Campbell

You are standing in a garden, crying. This morning you watched your grandmother push scraps from the breakfast plates into a Tupperware bowl…